Using Echolocation – Going Batty PBL

We added our process grid that has all of our information about different bat species to our PBL wall.  Look at everything we learned!


This week is all about echolocation. Yesterday, we read an article about it.

“We highlighted the answer to the questions to help us find it.”  -Kevin T.


“We highlighted it so it would help us write down the answer.”  -Roman


“We cut out the answers, folded them up, and glued them on our paper.  We put it in our bat binders.  It’s going to help us later.” – Calvin


“We went outside to listen to sounds like we were bats.  We closed our eyes, didn’t talk, and listened carefully.  We heard alot of different sounds.” Vanessa


“We got a piece of paper and we started talking about the different things that we heard.  Ms. Trowbridge wrote down all of them.  I was surprised how many sounds we heard.” -Rodrigo


“We copied some of the different sounds onto our paper.  I didn’t think we’d hear an airplane.” -Rebecca

-Ms. Trowbridge’s class (@rachtrow)


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