What’s That Sound? – Going Batty with Ms. Diep’s 1st Graders

Students have been learning about echolocation all week.  Today, their task was to illustrate and explain how bats use echolocation to find food.  To start off, we looked back at the Echolocation article from the previous day.


Students then had some think time to reflect on their learning.


“Bats make sound waves with their mouth.” – Adrian


What happens after they make a sound wave with their mouth?

“It bounces back!” – Winney

Winney was working so hard to try and find the answer to that question with some help from Aiden and Pax.


Do we remember what happens when the sound wave bounces off of something?

“I know! It’s called eh-eh-…I think I forgot…” – David C.

david c

“I can tell him!  It makes an echo!” – Andres


Students sure learned a lot about echolocation so far.  Stay tuned next week!

Ms. Diep’s class (@noel_diep)


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