How do bats help us? Let us count the ways… Going Batty PBL by Ms. Trowbridge’s first graders

This week our focus is on how bats help us.  We’re also working on writing complete sentences to help us when we get to our deliverable of writing about a specific kind of bat.

Yesterday, we learned that bats provide bug control for the world.

“They eat 600 bugs in one hour.  If there were no bats, we’d have a big problem with bugs.”  Cruz


To show this we split up into 6 groups and each group cut out 100 bugs and glued them onto a paper plate.




“That’s a lot of bugs!” Alex


Using the “Farmer in the Dell” method of sentence patterning (google it, you’ll find resources), we created a chart brainstorming different kinds of words related to bats.  Here’s what we came up with.  We’ll be using it all week to practice writing sentences.


“Shouldn’t we add pup?  It’s a noun.”  – Layla

Today, we learned about bats as pollinators.  We watched a video on BrainPop about pollination and saw a video on bats pollinating flowers.  Then we role played bats pollinating flowers.  Many thanks to Ms. Dang for finding and testing out this activity!


We had two volunteers pose as “bats” with paper noses.


The hungry “bats” found these flowers to feast on.

“We saw inside the flowers.  There was pollen.”  -Vanessa



“They drink nectar from plants and then some pollen gets to its face and then they go to another flower and they leave some pollen there.”  Rodrigo


“Bats help fruit grow more.  It helps the seeds move.” – Elizabeth


“The nectar sticks on the nose.”  – Rebecca


You could see the pollen mix together on the noses because it was different colors. – Kaleb

Students also remembered some specific information as we reflected on this activity.

“Megabats eat fruit and drink pollen.  They have little ears and big eyes.  This helps them see at night.” – Roman

“Megabats don’t use echolocation.”  -Rodrigo

During the Work on Writing portion of Daily 5 today we practiced writing sentences using our “Farmer in the Dell” chart.



Students loved using the sentence strips and color coding their words to match the poster!

Check back tomorrow to see how else bats help us!

~Ms. Trowbridge (@rachtrow)


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