Bats ARE helpful – Going Batty with Ms. Dang’s First Graders

After three days of bat-fabulous hands-on activities, it was time today to process and articulate their learning

Since we are preparing for student led conferences, I was more than happy to reference our learning target: I can use facts to support my claim. We had said that a claim is an idea or statement that can be proven. The class needed to make a class web with reasons to support the claim that bats are helpful, so we did Think Share Pair, to get the discussion. In partnerships they were only able to cite one reason, and it was mostly the same fact around bats eating a lot of annoying insects. For further support, the partners quickly got to team up with another partnership to expand their responses.


With four heads together, there were more diverse ideas.

When it came to making a class web, so many hands shot up to share!


The class came up with three central facts on the board.


The students were now ready to write. They worked hard on their writing.


They were so proud of their work.




Bats are helpful because one bat can eat 600 bugs in one hour.   –Mia

Bats are helpful because bat guano help plants grow. –Annan

Bats can go to flowers and pollinate them. Some of the pollen gets stuck on the bat’s fur. Then some of the pollen goes to the other flowers. That makes new plants.   –Seth

-Ms. Dang’s class


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