“So bats aren’t harmful…” – Going Batty with Ms. Diep’s First Graders

We had an amazing week full of fun bat activities that taught us about how bats are helpful.

Did you know that a single bat can eat about 600 mosquitos in one hour?


“Ewww!  That’s so gross!” – Giselle

Students worked in teams to cut out all 600 mosquitos and glue them onto plates for our project wall.

We also did a pollination simulation using a paper cone and double sided tape to act as our bat nose.


We learned that the bat’s furry nose, which is simulated by the double sided tape, helps spread the pollen from plant to plant.

Lastly, we had the opportunity to help fertilize our school garden with guano, also known as bat droppings.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.27.04 PMIMG_3148

Students then came together to discuss how bats are helpful using all of their new knowledge from the week.  We brainstormed, pair-shared, and took notes as a class. Students were able to pick one thing to write about and illustrate.


“So bats aren’t harmful like I thought…” – David

We finished the week off by creating our bats for our upcoming “Echolocation” performance and practicing the song.



Stay tuned for more!

Ms. Diep’s class (@noel_diep)


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