Batty Books Begin! Going Batty with Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders

This week we’re focusing on starting to write our bat informational books.  Students will write one general fact about bats and one fact about a specific bat we have learned about.

Yesterday during STEM time, students did some activities around echolocation.

“We took turns being a moth or a bat and practiced trying to find someone with our eyes closed and listening for sounds they made”  – Rebecca

“There was a pan and 2 toilet paper rolls and one person talked into a roll and the other person listened and felt the vibrations from the pan when the other person talked.” – Cruz



“We wrote words on side of the paper that said “Bat Facts.”  I wrote bats are mammals and bats hang upside down.” -Kevin T.

“Bats eat 600 bugs in one hour.”  – Rodrigo

“The bat guano is used for fertilizer.” – Dylan

“Bats pollinate flowers and they drink the nectar.” -Kevyn R.




Today, we worked on writing facts about specific bats.  Students got to pick one bat to focus on.  Students worked together with others who were writing about the same bat and practicing reading the sentences they wrote.



They referred back to our bat facts chart to make sure they got their facts right.


“I picked the Mexican Free Tailed Bat.  They have reddish brown or gray fur.” – Rodrigo

“The Little Red Flying Fox lives for 12 years.”  -Angelina

“The Greater Spear Nosed Bat lives for 18 years. _ Kaleb

“The Bumblebee Bat lives in a cave.” – Kaylin

“I am happy that we are writing a bat book because I have learned alot about bats.” – Roman

~Ms. Trowbridge’s class (@rachtrow)


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