Need to Knows: Going Batty PBL with Mrs. Schneiderjohn’s Class of Bat-Experts!

Today, we practiced our Echolocation Song!

It is a song about bats. -Nhi

“Echo, echo, echo, echolocation!” – Geovanni

“Bats hang upside down.” – Edwin

IMG_3650 IMG_3651

Next, we revisited our Need to Know questions.

Those are questions about bats. – Cesar

The class asked all those questions when we first started our bat project. -Geovanni

We knew a lot about bats:

-We knew how bats sleep. – Nathan

-Bats use echolocation. – Agustin

-Bats communicate and work together. – Frank

-They use echolocation to find food. – Geovanni

-It bounces back and hits the insects and they know where to eat it. – Cesar

-Bats sleep during the day. – Edwin

IMG_3653 IMG_3655

We don’t know 3 Need to Knows. We are going to learn about them. -Juan


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