Animals of the Night – Going Batty with Ms. Diep’s 1st Graders

We started off our week with critiques of our rough drafts for our Bat Books.  We did a silent gallery walk to look at all of our classmates’ work.


After each student received feedback, they worked on their final drafts.





We also got the chance to see a wonderful presentation by Morgan from Happy Hollow Zoo.  We learned about the difference between a nocturnal and diurnal animal.

Here is Elgin being transformed into a nocturnal animal.


We were all so excited to meet the animals!  Our favorite one was the Hoary Bat of course.





The animals were all so friendly and we were especially surprised at how much fur the Hoary Bat had.  Here are some more things we learned:

“Snakes are not poisonous, they are venomous.” – Thalia

“Hoary bats sleep in bushes.” – King

“Hedgehogs curl into a ball when they are scared.” – Spencer

Thank you so much Morgan for teaching us about animals of the night!

– Ms. Diep’s class (@noel_diep)


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