The Meeting- Can Kids Cure Cancer? By Aico & Emily in Ms. George’s 5th Grade Class

The Meeting

On October 14, 2015 our class was having our usual morning meeting. Close to the end of our meeting our principal, Mr. Brengard, came into our class with the school’s psychologist and the school counselor. They joined our class meeting and something didn’t seem right.

We realized Mr. Brengard didn’t have a happy look on his face as usual. We were all silent, then he started talking about our classmate Jonathan. He said the bump Jonathan had a few weeks ago, was a cancerous tumor, and that the cancer Jonathan had was called Ewing Sarcoma which is a bone cancer.

When we heard the word cancer I think we all were shocked and began to think what is cancer and then started getting emotional.  Some of us thought back to when our teacher told us Jonathan had a weird bump on the side of his head a few weeks ago. She told us she didn’t know if it was a bad tumor or a good one. So this news about Jonathan was very confusing for us and the other classmates.


What Next?
When we finished talking about Jonathan’s condition the adults asked if we had any questions. Lots of kids in our class had questions, so the adults answered them and made us feel a little better. Mr. Brengard told us that we would be able to talk to the school counselor if we were feeling sad or if just did not understand what was happening.

Mr. Brengard also told us that we will be starting a project called “Can Kids Cure Cancer?” We were excited to do this project because if we didn’t we would be very confused about what cancer is and how it affects our bodies. Mr. Brengard also told us that we were going to learn about 3 cancers: a brain cancer, a blood cancer, and Jonathan’s Cancer which is a bone cancer.

Our teacher told us that we were going to have an exhibition to help raise money for Jonathan’s family and other kids who are with Jonathan in the hospital. We are very excited about doing this project to help earn money for our classmate and friend and other kids in the hospital.



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