Let’s Draw! – Going Batty PBL by Ms. Trowbridge’s first graders








This week students are working on a scientific drawing of one of the bats that we have studied.  On Monday, we watched Ron Berger’s “Austin’s Butterfly” video (https://vimeo.com/38247060) on the importance of critique and revision.  We talked about how we should give feedback to each other.  We came up with a list:

-Be Kind

-Be Specific

-Be Helpful

We also talked about using the terms “I Like” and “I Wonder” when giving feedback on a drawing by a classmate.

Students got a photocopy of a drawing of the bat they were focusing on and spent some time trying to replicate the drawing.  We came back together and a brave volunteer, Alex, agreed to share his drawing with everyone so we could practice giving feedback.



Alex’s anchor picture and his first attempt at drawing the Greater Spear Nosed Bat.

After practicing how to give feedback, students got in to groups of four and took turns sharing their first drawing attempts and receiving feedback from their peers.



I like how you drew the face.  It looks like the real bat. – Alek




“I wonder if you could measure the wings with your fingers so that you make the bat a little bit bigger.” – Alex

We came back together after everyone received feedback and debriefed the experience.

“I liked how some people actually tried their best.” – Cruz

“This is helpful because if people make a mistake you just tell them how to make it right.” – Layla

“I wonder how people make their lines, because some people’s look better than others”. – Kaleb

“If yours looks kind of bad, then you’re going to get information to help make it better.” – Rodrigo

Today, students used the feedback they received from their peers yesterday to make a second attempt at drawing their bat.



Again, we came back together to talk about how to give feedback.  Once again, Alex volunteered to share his drawing.  Students were impressed to see the difference between Alex’s first and second attempts.


“Alex did a great job! He must have gotten some good feedback.”  -Cruz

Students again got into their same feedback groups and today focused their feedback on the bat’s body.


Students comparing versions of their bat drawings


This week we’re also working on finishing touches for our bat fact books.


Check back to see how our drawings progress throughout the week!

~Ms. Trowbridge’s class (@rachtrow)


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