Let The Project Begin! – Can Kids Cure Cancer? by Anika in Ms. George’s 5th Grade Class

Let the Project Begin!

The morning was here and me, my class, and my teacher were excited to start the entry event for our new project:  “Can Kids Cure Cancer?” After our Morning Meeting Ms. George called me and my class to our seats. I couldn’t wait to see what the entry event was. She soon reminded us what had happened with Jonathan and why Mr. Brengard wanted us to do this project instead of the other one. Then Ms. George told us she was going to show us some videos relating to our new project. After that, She told us that some of the videos were very sad and that it was ok if some of us got a little bit emotional during the videos.


One Last Christmas

The first video was the saddest one, it was called “One Last Christmas” it was about a little boy who was diagnosed with cancer. And the doctor said that he might not make it to see Christmas. So his family and neighbors celebrated it early. The next video was about a girl who would play soccer, and one day her parents noticed a bump on her leg. At first when the bump was small her parents thought it was just a bruise or something she had gotten while playing. But after a while, the bump got larger and her parents realized it was a tumor and took her to the hospital. Her doctors surgically removed the tumor and they tested it and found out it was cancerous. After months of treatment, the girl was getting better but, the girl’s parents soon found out that her little brother had a bone cancer in his leg too. Soon he had to have his leg amputated because the cancer was spreading too fast. But since she was his sister she helped him through it.


Just Stand Up!
The last video we watched was a song called “Just Stand Up!” This song was written because  a lot of people give up when they have cancer. I think this song was very inspiring because of what it says.  After the videos were over the class and Ms. George came up with a Driving Question: How can we educate people about cancer, raise money for Jonathan’s family, and help those going through cancer treatment? After that, Ms. George got a blank poster and wrote: “Need To Knows” on it. Then, she asked us what we need to know about cancer for our project. Almost my whole class responded with a lot of Need To Knows like: What are the different stages of chemotherapy?, How do patients take their medications? and What are the symptoms of the different cancers? After the Need To Know list, Ms. George told told us what our Deliverables for the project would be, and I knew I couldn’t wait to get started!!

IMG_6002 IMG_6162 IMG_6161


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