Guano is Great? Going Batty PBL Ms. Trowbridge’s first grade class

This week we started working on our PSA deliverable.  Our grade level will be creating one video to share about how bats help us.  Our class focus will be on how bat guano is helpful.

To start, yesterday, we watched a PSA that 1st graders from last year made at the end of their Humane Society project.  You can check out their PSA here:

Then, we talked about what we needed to do in order to make our PSA.  Here’s what we came up with.


We came up with a list of some things that we wanted to say about bat guano.


We also spent more time working on coloring in our bat drawings and finishing up our bat books.


Today, we typed up our facts about bat guano.


We broke up into partners and practiced our parts.



And, then, we practiced saying our parts in front of the class.


Stay tuned to see how our PSA turns out…


~Ms. Trowbridge’s class (@rachtrow)



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