What is a hero? – Veteran’s Day by Robin Caldwell and her kindergartners

Veteran’s Day – What is a hero?

This week in Kindergarten, we are teaching  about Veteran’s Day.  It’s a holiday we have off from school, but so many students don’t know why.


We began talking about how a Veteran worked for our country, the U.S.A., to keep it safe.  We learned that Veteran’s often had to live away from there families while they worked.  And, we talked about how Veteran’s had special clothes to wear called uniforms that are often camouflaged.  Finally, we talked about how Veterans are heroes.

Students then shared what they knew about heroes. Heroes help people and heroes fight the villains (or bad guys). Heroes could fly and we made the connection that many Veterans fly in planes or helicopters.  Students also said that heroes were brave because they were not afraid.

As a class, we then wrote sentences about heroes.  We wrote:  

  • A hero is brave.  
  • A hero is helpful.  
  • A hero is caring.  
  • A hero is a hard worker.

Finally we got to the fun part – making our Veterans.  We talked about the parts of our bodies as we assembled our Veteran.  Many girls wanted to know if a Veteran could be a girl too and were quite excited when they heard that yes there are many girl Veteran heroes.

veteranour veteran

Students shared why a Veteran is a hero.  

  • Luke said, “A hero is helpful and Veterans are helpful because they save people.”  
  • Adrian added, “Heroes help save the day.”
  • Katalina said,”Heroes help save the day.”
  • Clara, proudly showing off her female Veteran, said, “A hero saves people when they are in trouble.”   

Happy Veteran’s Day from Kindergarten!


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