Our Bodies Are Made Up Of What?- Can Kids Cure Cancer? by the students of F4 in Ms. George’s Class

Our Bodies Are Made Up Of What?

The lesson began with Ms. George telling us to take out our Science books. She told us to open up to page 24. There were these green things and we had no idea what they were. She told us they were cells but we had no idea what she was talking about. When we turned the page we started to read about what a plant cell and animal cell are. She told us that every living thing is made up of cells. There are actually trillions in our bodies right now!! We had no idea that that is what is inside of our bodies.


The Parts Of A Cell

When we started to look closer at the different parts of the cell and what it is made of we learned that there are 5 main parts to the cell. The Nucleus is like the brain of the cell and it tells the other 4 parts what to do. Next we learned about the Cytoplasm and its job is to hold the other organelles in place so they can do their jobs. The Vacuoles job is to store water food and waste. When it is time to release one of those the nucleus tells it to do its job. Then we learned about the Mitochondria. Its  job is to break down the food that it receives and turns it into energy for the cell. The final part of the cell was the Cell Membrane. The cell membrane is the layer of “skin” around the cell that lets certain materials in and out when needed.


Cell Art

The next day we reviewed what we learned about the animal cell and Ms. George gave us a blank sheet of paper and we weren’t sure what it was for. She told us that we were going to sketch an animal cell, color it in, label the 5 parts, and then write the definitions in our own words.  We thought this was really exciting and now we get to see it hung on the wall every day to help us remember the 5 important parts of the cell.

IMG_5959    IMG_5954   IMG_5958    IMG_5956    IMG_5953

Another activity we did for the cell was we were able to construct the animal cell out of salt dough. When she first started passing out the dough we didn’t know what it was for and then she told us that we were going to make a 2D model of the cell. The clump of dough was very sticky and hard to take off your hands and put on the cardboard working surface. We never thought we would get it all off our hands and onto the board. We overcame the struggle of the stickiness and were able to create the cell model. A few days later Ms. George told us to get our cells off the back the counter because they were dry now and we were going to paint them. In our table groups we were given cups of paint and paintbrushes. We painted the Nucleus purple, the Vacuoles blue, the Cytoplasm peach, the Cell Membrane hot pink, and the Mitochondria red. We are displaying them in the back of the classroom so we can see them and learn from them. Ms. George told us that we would be learning more in STEM class next week!



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