College of my dreams by Diana in Mrs. Opp’s Sixth Grade

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My dream college is UC Santa Cruz I want to go there because I think it will be the best education out of all the colleges that I researched.

One of the reasons is because it does not cost that much money as other ones. My college mascot is Sammy the Slug. I think slugs are awesome, and I will have no problem fitting in. It costs $28,127 dollars. It will be better for me if I can scholarship to go there .  If I get a different scholarship to a better school I might take it.  If I do not get no scholarship at all,  I will pay for the school I would like to go to.

Another reasons why I want to go there is because none of my friends are going there which give’s me time to study and get more time for me.  I can become a great teacher that knows more then people and kids expect from me.

A  fact about my college I am going to is that it’s not far away, so I can visit my family whenever I get the chance or when there’s an emergency.

Another reason why I want to go there and why its my dream college is because this famous person called Bradley Noel went there which is so amazing.  It’s a great opportunity to get that education he got that no one gets .

I wan’t to go there is because it is so beautiful outside and inside, and you get to meet new people.  I will get to share a room with someone. And, I would like to follow my cousin’s footsteps and get a good job.

But, the best reason why I to go there is because I will be the first person in my family to go to college and I wan’t to prove them wrong. I can go to college and get a degrees and become the best teacher in my family. I can prove them wrong and show off all my skills to everyone and my family.


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