My Amazing Kinder Buddy by Arturo, K. Smith School sixth grader

Arturo and his sister

Hi, in this blog post I will be talking about my kinder buddy and why she is the best buddy.

A kinder buddy is a buddy that the teacher assigned and then you get to help them on there project. My kinder buddy is a girl and she is my sister. That’s why I really like kinder buddies.

Some of the projects I have done with my buddy are  on Thanksgiving we got to put beans on a a turkey drawing and that was fun because we got to work together. Another one we did was teaching them a song and helping them reading. We also read books to them and my buddy and I had a lot of fun and we also were laughing because the books were funny.  One of the books was about turkeys and they kept falling because they were standing on a fence.

My kinder buddies teacher told us on December 10, 2015 we were going to do a project about christmas. Today was that day we got to make stockings.  It was fun because me and my sister got to make a stocking. I colored mine green and red and then we got to sew it.  It was a little hard for my buddy, but I helped her.  She actually did really well and it looked amazing.

I am looking forward to the next project we do because they are always fun and get to spend time with my sister.


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