STEM and Robotics: Three 4th graders perspectives

STEM, computer coding, and robotics has becoming increasing important.  Exposing student at an elementary age opens the doors to high-tech careers.  K. Smith students all get a weekly S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math) class led by our very own Lina Sar. Robotics, too, is something K. Smith student have though an after school program.  Mr. Munguia, Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Mai, and Mrs. Melo lead classes.  Below are a three student responses identifying what they each love about these opportunities:

RoboticIMG_3324s by Josue

Hi my name Josue. I am a part of robotics. Robotics is fun, because you make robots made out of lego pieces and you have to code. Right now
buddy and I are coding. When you code you have to make it go forward and backward. It
has to make a 360 degree circle and turn to the left and right.

IMG_3326STEM with Ms. Sar by Pablo

I love science class, because Ms. Sar is teaching us about the Earth and what is inside of it. The reason why I enjoy science is that Ms. Sar burned sugar and the sugar turned into magma. Ms. Sar told us about fossil fuels, minerals, sedimentary rocks, magma, and erosion. Science is awesome!

I Love Science!!!! by Adrian

My name is Adrian. I love Science!!! I like when we do cool things like the dry ice experiment. It was cool when we put water in the dry ice. When we did the rock experiment, I liked the part when we broke our rock. We also have done the windmill and sugar cry
stal experiment.


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