A Contribution to our school by Odalys and Damian, fourth graders

Our mission is to prepare students to THINK, LEARN, WORK, COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, and CONTRIBUTE now and throughout their lives.  Just six things.  We call them those six things K. Smith Habits.

6 habits horizontal

The last one, contribute, may be the most important.  It’s defined as:

Contribute globally. Apply your work to real world situations to serve an authentic purpose. Be empowered to make a difference. Recognize your place in the community.

Hear from two fourth graders on their contributions to others and our school.



Class Ambassadors by Damian

I am a class ambassador. I really like being an ambassador, because I get to show visitors, like other principals, our work. It helps people to think about what we do. Hopefully they can try to put new things in their schools, because of what we show them. This will help make their schools super awesome like ours.








School Ambassadors by Odalys

Hello! I am a student at Katherine Smith. I have attended the ambassador program for the past 2 years. When visitors come to our school, student ambassadors show and talk to them about our school. To be an ambassador you have to apply on the internet. We have meetings every Monday. I think the ambassador program is really good, because there are students that have a hard time talking to other people and this program helps them. Every time we have a meeting or a tour we set goals for ourselves. I am proud of myself, because I have achieved my goals on tours. I am proud to represent my school.


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