A day I will never forget, Open Campus Day by Guadelupe, K. Smith 6th grader

IMG_7656On February 5, 2016, our school had Open Campus Day. Open campus day is a day that our school opens its doors to visitors. Instead, of having adults lead the visitors, we have students do it.

These students are called ambassadors, I’m actually one of the ambassadors. An ambassador’s job is to talk about our school and lead the visitors around the school, so they can get a chance to see the classes. On Open Campus Day, the ambassadors met at the library and waited for visitors to tour. At one point, my group and I went outside to greet the visitors. We also directed them to the library to check in.

After that, I got called in for my 1st tour, I was kinda nervous because I hadn’t had a tour in about a month. My favorite memory from that tour was when one of the adults started to cry of happiness and she continued to compliment our school.

The second tour stopped when we finished the 4th, 5th, and 6th class. My group had to go back to the library for lunch. When it was my lunch time, we were in the middle of that tour starving and extremely tired. All the visitors looked very happy, they asked lots of questions and left with a smile on their faces. This made me very happy knowing that I had done my job correctly and also that they were happy and for sure, it was my favorite memory of being an ambassador so far. They were continuously complementing our school.

Open Campus Day was awesome and was also a day that I will never forget as an school ambassador.

Open Campus Day is an annual event for K. Smith School.  In connection with the Evergreen School District 21st Century Learning Institute, we open our doors to anyone.  Each year this events draws well over 100 visitors.  Students host visitors on a tour giving them full access to our campus.


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