6th Grade Projects that Impacted My Life by Cherry, K.Smith 6th Grader


Mostly all the projects this year have done a really big impact to me. I’d learned so much more about collaboration and other stuff. In general, I learned about global warming, climate change, and overconsumption on Earth’s natural resource.

Besides those thing there’s another project that’s my favorite, the coding one. You can read my previous blog to find out what it all about. But the reason it was my favorite was because after that project I realized Greek mythology could be seen in a lot of places. After this school year I would be more concerned about the trash that’s on the ground.

Another thing that has been a really big impact on me is collaboration. I’m a person that likes to work alone rather than working in groups, but after this year it’s changed. When I was working with a group that I’m really not familiar, I didn’t really enjoy the moment at first because it was awkward but at last our group collaborated really well so now I have a higher meaning of collaboration and group work.

There are so many things that I learned this year and is not just the information, there is knowledge that you wouldn’t have from just reading a text book. The important knowledge that is helpful to me I’ll definitely use it in the future. Collaboration skills for future group projects, have another topic to talk about with someone(Greek Mythology), and I’ll always keep global warming in mind.

Glad that you finish reading this blog, this is gonna be my last one in sixth grade, hope I’ll come back one day.😂



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