Most Meaningful Project by Mia, K. Smith 6th grader


The driving question for this project was:

“How can we design and evaluate a solution for the over consumption of one of Earth’s natural resources.”

To start this project, we watched a video called ‘Earth 2100’. The main character was a women who survived the time frame of 2009-2100 and how she lived through the disasters that would come if we continued to litter, if we continued to pollute the air, and if we continue to care less about the environment.

After lots of research, the whole class grouped up with other people and we brainstormed how we could create a solution to air pollution and the over consumption of fossil fuels. We looked back at the time where our teacher, Mrs. Opp, talked about the Hethrow Airport  (sic) in London and how hundreds of planes come and leave that place everyday, being a huge part of air polltuion. In the end, my group decided to make a solar powered plane.

After weeks and weeks of prototyping, we finally finished the final model/prototype and it didn’t fly, but it moved, so we did accomplish something.

Due to this project, I have learned that little things can make a big difference that could effect my life in the future drastically. I have also learned not to go crazy with my ideas for my projects, or else I would end up with something that doesn’t work. I hope that you could recognize this problem too and conserve the air.

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