My Favorite Project from This Wonderful Year by Samantha, K. Smith student

Hey! This is Samantha, and today I will be telling you about my favorite project that I did from this school year. I had many great projects during  6th grade, like my penny arcade and bio-dome projects, but I liked my solar powered generator project the best.

A few reasons why I loved this project so much was because I had the opportunity to make a solution for the over consumption of one of Earth’s resources, so I felt like our solar powered generator would really help the environment if we made the generator a reasonable size for bigger use. In the mean time, we just used it to power small lights and fans. Getting to make a poster board showing our whole process, circuitry, and other information about generators was another reason why this was my favorite project, as I literally spent a lot of time researching a bunch of different things like how solar panels work, and the effects of fossil fueled generators. My last reason for this being my number one project was getting to learn about solar energy and fossil fuels, since my group was doing a whole solar energy versus fossil fuel feud. 😀

Some challenges that made me dislike this project while forming this brilliant solution was basically the beginning part of the project, like trying to get all of the materials, making a slide show, and designing how our generator was going to look like. An additional challenge was having to glue and print out all of our facts, pictures, and letters for our poster board that we were using for visual media.


Overall, this project may have had its ups and downs for me, but I still had a pretty fun time sharing everything about my solar powered generator at Exhibition Night with my group.

Thanks for reading my blog post! Feel free to read any other ones I’ve published.


Sorry If the picture of my poster board is blurry, I took the picture at home.

– Samantha


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