My Project that helps me in the Future! by Tatiana, K. Smith student


For my whole 6th grade experience doing projects, I have noticed that each one has made me think critically which made me learn in a different and better way. The project that has impacted me the most and interested me the most was our Magic of Coding project. This project kind of made me think more about my future and how engineering is something that is pretty cool.

On that coding project, I learned a lot more on how to be patient and to work better with technology. I now know how to create a video game with different codes. I figured out what different codes mean and how to work them, all thanks to the website for helping me make our video game.

The reason why I want to try to keep this knowledge for the future is because it can help me with being an engineer if that is somScreen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.26.18 PMething I want to try doing later on. I can keep expanding on my knowledge that I have already on coding and keep getting better at it instead of forgetting about it and have to learn coding all over again.
Coding and working with technology is something that is quite interesting to me and that is why I have been a Genius(Technology Helper) for 2 years, because I want to keep learning and helping with technology. All of my tips and tricks that I have with technology will help me when someone invents the Iphone 10!

All in all, this project has helped me figure out one of my passions. I now know that the passion that I have is useful for people all around the world when they need help with their technology.

Thank you!

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