My Favorite project of 2016! By Teddy, K. Smith 6th Grader

Photo on 5-25-16 at 5.04 PM

Teddy here and hi, sadly this is my last blog post that will be graded at this school, but cheer up I’m writing about my favorite project of 2016!

First of all my favorite project is creating a solution for over consumption of one of earths natural resources.  There are many reasons why this was my favorite project of 2016 but the main reason is because this is my last project at Katherine R. Smith which made me want to work hard at it and do good on it so when I leave this school I can look back in the past and feel proud of myself.

First it started with a not working prototype that kind of looks like the ending prototype not really actually. It looks more like a square with wheels and it doesn’t even roll well it was just the first prototype so no big deal. So the process started with the group doing nothing until [my classmate] stepped up and started making the first prototype I was just suggesting ideas so I helped him.

It started with getting the materials which [others] helped to get, and they were

  • 5 plastic rectangle that were about a hand size each rectangle.
  • Also 2 corks,
  • 2 square paper pieces,
  • a big black cube and 8 plastic bottle caps.

Now the creating begins first it started with surrounding the the black cube with the 5 plastic pieces but the top can open. Then I connected two bottle caps for 1 wheel and made four of them and put one wheel in each corners. Finally I put two corks at the top and made them hold the solar panels actually known as paper squares. This was my least favorite part of the project because it was more like design day then a project but it was still fun.

Now lets get down to the real part of the project which was the second prototype. The second prototype was probably the hardest prototype of them all because I had to researched how the circuitry works and also teach it to my teammates so they would know as well. But learning something new is always cool and fun, finally I can understand what my Dad was talking about when he said stuff about circuitry and soldering. Actually I did some soldering on my project as well of course with my Dad’s tools and his help but he did most of the work because he said it was too dangerous for me to handle. So my Dad soldered the solar panel to a battery so it will stay still. After the solar panel was connected to the re-chargable battery all it needed left was load and load means anything that can take power and use it. So I used a lightbulb and still the voltage is a mystery all we know is that it can take a six volt battery. Now You may be thinking how is that difficult but it’s way harder then it sounds especially if you’re just learning how everything works. Prototype two was the best part of this project because I got to used electricity, solar panels and even soldering all for the first time this was a very special moment for me and this is why it was my favorite project of 2016 but it doesn’t end yet there’s still prototype 3 final.

Finally prototype 3 was not the funnest prototype because it was just final touches nothing much. First, all we did was get prototype 2 and organized it in Photo on 5-25-16 at 5.05 PMa box, then it kind of looks like a mini generator look alike. So let me talk about the process now. First of all we started with prototype 2 then all I did was get a green box, cool futures of the special box was it water resistance. The reason why I didn’t just make a box ou
t of cardboard was because I was scared of the box burning if the box was made out of a flammable items. I started with getting a box then I putted the battery in the box and connected the solar panel to the battery that was in the box. The wires connect to the battery is sticking out of two holes my Dad made with a really big drill with a sharp end.

I like this project because it was like a journey through many steps and learning many things on the way.  So that’s why I think this project was just fascinating and amazing which I also hope the 5th grader would think the same thing too when I go off to middle school.

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