Ms. Soares’s 3rd grade – My Name, My Identity series

mynamemyid.pngThroughout the month of October, we are celebrating our names as part of the My Name, My Identity campaign.  We are pledging to celebrate and honor names.  Below are names form Ms. Soares’s third grade class.

  • My mom picked Czerina, because she felt it was a unique and pretty name.
  • My dad liked a video game and it had my name in it. Also, my mom’s name is Nina and my dad’s name is Michael and they combined them and came up with Malina.
  • My mom picked Thien as my name.
  • My mom liked the name Aaron.
  • My dad picked the name Jordan. I’m not sure why he picked it.
  • My mom named me Neil, because she heard the name on TV.
  • My mom got my name, Valeria, from a TV show.
  • I’m not sure where my mom got Dayani from, but she picked it because she liked it.
  • My mom wanted to name me Alondra, but my dad named me Abigail. He liked a scary movie with the same name. My twin brother’s name starts with an A, too.
  • My mom picked Kevin, because she liked the name.
  • I’m named Jose after my dad.
  • My mom named me Isaac, because she liked it.
  • My mom named my sister Angelica and so when I was born she named me Angel.
  • My mom named me Joel after my dad.
  • My dad named me Lily after a flower in the garden.
  • My mom named me Tuong.
  • My English name is Tiffany. My mom picked it, because liked the way it sounds. My Vietnamese name is Anh. My mom picked it, because she saw it in a shop.
  • My parents decided together to name me Kassandra. My mom put a K in it, because of Kim Kardashian.
  • My mom named me Justin, because she really liked Justin Timberlake.
  • My name was kept a secret until I was born. My Vietnamese name Nhu Y was given to me from my mom’s side of the family. I’m not sure why my parents picked Allyson as my English name.
  • I’m not sure why my mom picked Yahir for my name.

Take a minute to register and take the My Name My Id pledge.

I, _______________ , do hereby affirm my commitment to the My Name, My Identity Campaign by pledging to

Show respect to others’ names and identities in schools by pronouncing students’ names correctly

Be a model for students by sharing information and resources about showing respect to others’ names and identities

Spread the word about the importance of respecting others’ names and identities

Share my name story on social media

Be proud of who I am and celebrate our differences

Then, tweet and post your name story: #mynamemyid


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