Mrs. Leiplet’s 1st and 2nd grade – My Name, My Identity series

This month Evergreen School District is participating in a campaign to promote cultural awareness by pledging to pronounce the names of our students correctly. Take the pledge. Families and teachers have taken the My Name, My Identity pledge and students have been sharing their name stories.mynamemyid.png

We have been delighted by hearing the stories of our names as each had been thoughtfully chosen in honor of a special person or event. Enjoy a few of our name stories.

My name is Winnie.

My name is Winney and my mom picked that name because she liked the story “Winnie the Pooh.”







I am named after the David in the Bible.

My name is David and I am named after David in the Bible. He threw a rock at Goliath and saved the city.








My mom named me after a princess.

My name is Tatianna and my mom named me after a princess. The princess was sassy and bossy.








My name is Elizabeth.

My name is Elizabeth. I am named after my grandma. She adopted my dad and she was kind.







David means love.

My name is David Gael. David means love and Gael means angel voice.







I am name after my great grandma.

My name is Carmen. I am named after my great grandma. She was good at planning parties and cooking.








My name is Aiden.

My name is Aiden. My mom and dad named me after the street where they bought their first house.






I’m Oria.

Oria is an assistance dog in training for Canine Companions for Independence. Oria’s litter begins with the letter “O.” Her litter mates are Oralee, Olive and Otto. Puppies in each litter are named after donors and volunteers.




What is your name story?

Take a minute to register and take the My Name My Id pledge.

I, _______________ , do hereby affirm my commitment to the My Name, My Identity Campaign by pledging to

Show respect to others’ names and identities in schools by pronouncing students’ names correctly

Be a model for students by sharing information and resources about showing respect to others’ names and identities

Spread the word about the importance of respecting others’ names and identities

Share my name story on social media

Be proud of who I am and celebrate our differences

Then, tweet and post your name story: #mynamemyid


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