Global Connection Day by Galilea, K. Smith 6th Grader


On February 3, K. Smith hosted over 100 students, parents, and teachers from Beijing, China.  As part of the Chinese Young Cultural Ambassadors and the Santa Clara County Office of Education, K. Smith school has been hosting guest for three years.

What was amazing was that Chinese visitors came to our school. I got to see them for three years. It’s great meeting new friends every year. What I liked was that our class got to talk to them and have fun with them. It was awesome that they got to help us with ours projects. Three things that I love are that I got to meet other Chinese visitors and also taking pictures with them.  Meeting their parents and talking to them was awesome. We got to use Chromebooks so we can translate when we would of have questions for them. I got to hang out with them during our recess and lunch it was exciting because it was a great day with new visitors and friends. After school it was fun too because I still got to talk to them and meet amazing people.

I got to be a classroom ambassador. I was happy to be a school ambassador because I got to meet parents from China and give them tours around our classroom. It was amazing because visitors liked our classroom. After when we were done taking tours around our classroom, we got great and amazing feedback. We also got good questions about our project.


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